Oh Look, Another Website! Or Two!

So! I now have my VERY OWN DOMAIN NAME. It is jessmcguire.com and if you visit it you will very quickly see it doesn’t contain anything except a clickable picture of me advising visitors to actually go and check out flavors.me/jessmcguire if they want to find out more about me. Normal people would just have their domain name redirect web traffic* to the site they want to point them towards, but I can’t figure out how to do that so SHOOSH, I think I problem solved the issue enough to get by and shouldn’t I be applauded for that? Huh? Thank you.

*TRAFFIC! That word makes it sound so BUSY! I imagine my “web traffic” is equivalent to that of a deserted - but pleasant - country road, but anyway.

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Breakfasters on Triple R 102.7FM

For two and a bit years between the hours of 6am and 9am each week day, I wreaked havoc on the Melbourne airwaves as one third of RRR’s Breakfasters program. If you missed out on listening to it live on 102.7FM as it was happening, you can hear some of the “highlights” that have been archived forever as something magical known as a podcast by heading here.

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Radio stuff.

I’m extremely proud to say I was a regular broadcaster on iconic Melbourne radio station RRR since I moved to Melbourne over seven years ago. Over the years I’ve also appeared regularly on 774 ABC Melbourne and Triple J as both a guest and a presenter, and I chat to the lovely folk over at 720 ABC Perth every Tuesday afternoon on the phone about all sorts of nonsense I’ve stumbled across on the web. In short, I am not really afraid of microphones and big red flashing studio lights any more. Which is great, because my life goal is pretty much to end up a presenter on a classic hits radio station. I was BORN to back announce Hall & Oates.

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Rock and Pop Culture Trivia

Since 2006, I’ve co-hosted Rock and Pop Culture Trivia with George H at various venues around Melbourne. You can catch us on Tuesday nights at The B.East in Brunswick East and The Corner Hotel in Richmond on Wednesday nights. We’ve been featured in Time Out and The Age said our “trivia with a pop culture bent” was a “great way to ease back into the working week” and I choose to read that as a HEARTY ENDORSEMENT!

We also do corporate trivia nights from time to time (same playful pop culture-y vibe, just without pesky strangers playing against you) so if you think that’s something that might appeal to you and yours, click here and our friendly staff (i.e me or George) will get back to you and everything will turn out fine, promise.

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I regularly DJ around Melbourne under assorted idiotic names including DJ Defamer, DJ Jess Cougar Mellenguire, DJ Hell ‘N Degenerates, DJ Cheese Platter, DJ Double Denim, and DJ Gin + Juice.

I’ve manned the wheels of steel at Falls Festival, the Big Day Out, Ben Sherman’s Big British Sound, Grouse Party, Blonde On The Rocks, and heaps of other events I can’t think of right now. I also regularly DJ at Melbourne venues like The Retreat, Willow Bar, and the Cornish Arms.

If your venue is looking for a DJ who has a healthily eclectic music collection (soul + pop + classic rock + indie stuff + retro nonsense + the Baywatch theme, etc) then send me an email - jessmcguire@gmail.com

PS: I have also been known to DJ at wedding receptions/birthday parties/whatever, so if you’re having a “do” and want someone to play mad tunes, then HELLO IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? [NB: Relax! The only Lionel Richie songs I will spin at your party are ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ and ‘All Night Long’.] I created a whole ‘nother Tumblr about djing at weddings, so if you wanna find out more - click here.

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Writing Stuff

I was the editor of pop culture site Defamer Australia for over four years, which in internet years is probably deserving of a gold watch presented at a lavish retirement party or something. 

I’ve  written for assorted publications including Meanjin, the Daily Life, the Sunday Age, Sun Herald, ABC’s The Drum, jmag, Time Out, and Lucky Magazine to name but a few of the folk who gave me money for words. Bless them all. If books are your thing, I also feature in the ‘Women Of Letters’ anthology, a collection published by Penguin Australia.

Oh, and I’m on Twitter too. I just thought I’d mention it in case that’s something you’re into.

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